Our Story

12 years Ago , precisely on the 2nd of December, 2010 enroute Italy via Alitalia , we had a faulty plane and had to stop in Ghana for the plane to be fixed . 

The airline gave us two options ; go same day via Lufthansa or wait in hotel in Ghana until the plane was fixed . I was in no rush and obviously I wanna enjoy myself so I chose to wait till our plane is fixed.

That evening we had a buffet dinner with other guests in the hotel. On my table was a beautiful lady in her late 30’s with a mini version of her laughing at my jokes and yes , I have a great sense of humor so I tend to bring happiness to my surroundings. 

I wanted a short at the older cos she was laughing at my jokes so hard which for me was a green light. Danny boy , common shoot your short hence I proceeded to ask her why her younger sister was laughing so hard .

She looked at me smiled and replied . “That’s my DAUGHTER” not my sister . Oh dear ,I said to myself “I found a wife ” . She’s a carbon copy of her mum so I already know what my wife would look like in her 30s 40s and 50s ,so I winked and went behind My present Mother Inlaw and collected her contact and Facebook.

I wanted to do one or two sha , lemme not lie but she was quick to tell me ” Nigga I’m 15 ” I was shocked cos she looked quite older than her age. At that point I said no problem, I will come for you when you’re older . Home girl thought I was messing around, but I wasn’t.

I left for Italy and she left for Sierra Leone then back to Australia after a month . I kept stalking her Facebook and I came back when she was 18 . Hey , are you ready ? She said she’s born again now and doesn’t have time for men anymore .

I left her for another 2 years and on her birthday she posted a picture on her Facebook writing how her then boyfriend is the best thing that has happened to her and how she will not find a better person . Aye mi temi bami !!! . I jumped on the comment section and quickly dropped my mind . “Madam ,se nothing is wrong with ur head.

You have forgotten I’m here ” she didn’t even reply me and deleted it sharp sharp . I gave her another year and she was single again . Then I wrote her and said how far , I’m still waiting and she said ,okay Danny boy you win .

I never gave up pursuing who I wanted , the strong character of a lady I met in the 15 years old girl is who I wanted to mother my kids, the woman I wanna grow old with, travel the world and continue to discover fun and exciting things with and  Our story is a success today .